The sweetest song ever heard,

the softest fluttering of the speckled bird,

flower petals, beauty of light’s display,

the slow awakening of a dew drenched day

tender touch of divine display

forever new


The crying of a newborn child,

the mother’s hush, gentle and mild

A father’s laugh and firm embrace

of giggles and quick kisses on his face,

From the womb of present grace

the future in mercy blooms


The sudden crack of lightening’s bright fear,

The thundering bellow of storm clouds near

the snow laden mountain in silence stands,

humbling yet honoring the reverent man

made a king by heaven’s hand

to reign in Glory’s image


Scattered light across the night sky,

the quiet embrace as day in darkness dies

whispering melody dancing in the the trees,

creation sings within the crisp breeze

as creature falls to his knees

and trembles at sovereign love


From glory to glory, faith’s cry in every space

showing the wonder of saving grace,

fountain of beauty, Father of love

lavishing mercy and wonder from above

Rebellious, wicked, undeserving of

the pleasure of your face.

One thought on “Wonder

  1. Beautiful! Very lovely words, brother. Great truths expressed with great facility and care. This shows me your writing skills are not limited to prose. I hope you will continue to bless us with these kinds of poems.


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