Reuel Lemmons on Christmas

“We are again at that time on the calendar when the Western world pauses to acknowledge that Jesus Christ was born in the world. The date makes little difference. And we heartily agree that some other time of year suits the occasion best, but that makes little actual difference. We also agree that the celebration […]

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Pessimistic Prayer

Recently a comical video surfaced on social media where a group of coworkers were encouraging one of their fellow employees to do a “trust fall.” If you aren’t familiar with this practice, it’s an exercise where one individual stands (sometimes on a box/table) and crosses their arms over their chest. With several people behind them […]

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Show Me How to Live

In the 2002, the band Audio Slave released a song titled “Show Me How to Live.” It’s a soulful rock song that conveys a surprisingly philosophical message. The lyrics speak of being “built with stolen parts, a telephone in my heart. Someone get me a priest, to put my mind to bed. This ringing in […]

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Count it All Joy

“Just grin and bear it” is advice we sometimes give to others (and ourselves) when we are called to endure something painful or uncomfortable. The situation is made worse when others expect us to enjoy what they are offering. Maybe it is Aunt Lisa’s “famous” fruit cake which is so dry you can barely swallow […]

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