4 Excuses Leaders Should Stop Using

President George Washington is credited with saying, “It is better to offer no excuse than a bad one.” Sage advice. Sadly, excuses abound where responsibility is expected. Adam thought he could avoid the consequences for neglecting his God given duty by blaming his wife (Gen. 3:12); Cain thought he could excuse his guilt by simply […]

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3 Reasons for Daily Bible Study

As a father, there are certain habits I must require my children to which otherwise they wouldn’t. For example, I tell them to brush their teeth, clean their room, watch how they talk to each other, etc. Yet there is one habit I don’t need to enforce: eating. While there are times when I have […]

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Do You Consume or Contribute?

It’s believed that the average American eat around a 1,996 pounds of food over the course of an entire year. That’s nearly one ton of food. Between the years of 2007-2014 U.S. consumers wasted 150,000 tons of food every day. An incredible amount of consumption and waste. In view of those statistics, we might ask: […]

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